Six Tips on Improving Your Online Dating Chances

Six Tips on Improving Your Online Dating Chances — improve online dating with CEO, Matchmaker and Dating Coach Ella Scaduto of Smoky Matchmaker in Tennessee.

If the dating world wasn’t tricky enough, we have ourselves online dating to navigate. With the cuffing season in full bloom and cold weather keeping some of us indoors, it’s a good time to learn about online dating tips and tricks. It is important to follow the right advice from relationship experts to achieve online dating success safely and stress-free.

There are plenty of singles, both men and women, who navigate the sea of the dating world with ease and grace. Unfortunately, not all people have the right tools to do that or simply have difficulty finding the right person. If you find yourself in need of some dating advice or are just ready to step up your online dating game a bit, then let’s get right to it.

Profile Picture and Your Bio for Online Dating

First things first, your profile needs to be complete and have a few nice pictures of you. Your main picture is very important as that is the one potential dates will see first. Take that picture looking straight at the camera in natural but good lighting. The background should be simple and free of distractions or other people. I recommend ladies use more natural tone make-up and an outfit that makes them comfortable. For men, it’s important to have a groomed beard and a nice haircut. A nice outfit would seal the deal. This first and main profile picture does not need props like fresh-caught fish or a Kentucky derby hat, just your fabulous self.

Be Honest in Your Bio

Be honest and authentic about yourself in the description, but also keep a little bit of suspense. You certainly wouldn’t want all of your family drama out there or your entire life story for that matter. Make it short and sweet. Include a few fun things about yourself in a relaxed tone. It’s not a resume, keep it fun.

Now that you have a nice profile and a great picture up and ready, start your own search. Jot down some very important qualities that you are looking for in a partner and search online dating sites for that person. Amazon won’t deliver that great guy or lovely gal to you and they certainly won’t drop on your lap just because you waited patiently. Get out there and look for them, you can search based on location, interests, religion, and even education. Once you found someone you like, write them a little personal message and ask them a question about something you saw on their profile. For example, everyone likes to talk about their fur babies.

Try to Remain Open Minded and Positive

Keep an open mind about your prospects. You may find someone who may be missing a couple of qualities off your list but may have others you never knew you liked. It is important not to give up if you are not getting the results you were expecting, or if it takes longer to find someone right. Keep connecting with people because someone out there is looking for you as well.

Meet Them in Person

Once you found someone you like, exchanged a few messages, and found some common interests, go out there and meet them in person. Online dating sites are for meeting singles, not pen pals. Let your intentions be clear and invite your date for coffee.

Online Dating Things to Remember

Before you go out on your first date with someone you have met online do a little research, a simple google search may do the trick. Let a friend or someone close know where you are going with your new date. Ladies, offer to pay the bill. Gentlemen, do not accept ladies’ offer to pay the bill and do it yourself.

Need Help With Online Dating or Offline Dating? Contact an Experienced Dating Coach.

Navigating the world of online and offline dating could be difficult and overwhelming, it helps to have a professional dating coach by your side.

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Happy Dating!

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