Love Beyond 40: A Guide to Online Dating

Love Beyond 40 A Guide to Online Dating by Smoky Matchmaker

Welcome, seasoned hearts, to a deep dive into the world of online dating platforms crafted with your needs in mind. In an era where connections unfold in the virtual realm, destinies decided by swiping up and down, left and right. It’s important to explore features that cater to the unique preferences and lifestyles to make your online dating experience ever more pleasant and stress free. Welcome to Love Beyond 40: A Guide to Online Dating — understanding online dating benefits with Founder, Matchmaker & Dating Coach Ella at Smoky Matchmaker.

Join us as we discuss some great benefits of online dating. Best practices within these platforms, things to look out for and some real world options to find your person. From advanced search filters that aim to maximize success at finding someone to communication tools that promote genuine connections.

Let’s dive into a world where age is not just a number but a valuable asset in the pursuit of love. Welcome to Love Beyond 40: A Guide to Online Dating.

Here are some benefits of dating online for people over 40

Online dating for people over 40 can be an excellent tool in search for a partner, if used to its full potential. Dating online opens up a whole new world of eligible singles, people you would otherwise never have met. The online dating could potentially save a lot of time and effort. Singles could be talking to several different people at the same time as they figure out who is the right match for them. Online dating may also be an excellent practice tool. There is always an interaction with other singles, one can learn what approaches work best. Practicing what to say and not to say to a romantic interest is a lot easier online, and learned lessons from that may certainly be implemented in real life.

Here is what people over 40 should know about using online dating platforms

People should know that online dating is a numbers game, more messages sent means more responses received. Online dating takes time to reach the goal, so try to stay positive and patient. Learn to manage your expectations. Just because you are online and are visible to all the singles, does not mean that they will reach out to you. It also does not mean that you will find the perfect partner that checks all the boxes. Try to stay open-minded to potential matches. You never know, you might actually be a good match with someone who has different interests. Keep in mind that men and women are wired differently. Guy holding a giant fish makes him look like a provider in his mind. It does not necessarily mean that fishing is the only thing he does in his life. And a gal holding a cat may not mean that she is a cat lady, she’s just trying to look cute, everyone finds cats cute.

Here are some best practices for people over 40 using online dating apps and platforms

The most important thing for online dating is to have a great first picture. Studies show that singles spend about 3 seconds on the first picture before swiping left, right, up or down. Have a unique and authentic profile written about you. Talk about yourself, write about things that interest you, some hobbies and what makes you a wonderful person for someone to have in their life. Add a few supporting pictures of yourself ONLY, show yourself in your happiest places, doing things that you love. Be proactive on dating sites, look for your own matches, reach out to people you like with a cute and playful message. Check your messages in the morning and again in the evening. Create a google phone number for yourself to preserve your privacy.

Some things to look out for when using on-line dating sites

People should always be cautious when communicating with strangers online, just about anything could be made believe. Look out for any inappropriate comments or statements. It would make sense that people would treat others online as they would in person. Pay attention to people spending more time just chatting online and not making any effort to actually meet in-person. You might just be their penpal. Understand that a lot of people on dating sites are there because they are lonely and want to talk to someone. They may not even be single or interested in dating. And of course never give out your personal and identifiable information to people online, including your personal phone number. 

Some features people over 40 should look for in dating platforms

First of all, choosing the right platform is important, do your research to find the one that best suits you and your needs. Utilize all of the platform’s features, including advanced search features. There to help you narrow down the results by whatever criteria that is most important to you. Prioritize platforms with safety features, such as photo verification on secure messaging. Look into platforms that have comprehensive profile options, a lot of questions to answer may not be a bad thing. Look into dating platforms that cater to a specific group of individuals that are aligned with you. Groups like single farmers or singles who love corgis. 

In person option for some places to meet singles in your 40s and 50s

Online dating platforms are a good starting point. But don’t disregard your local community organizations. Talk to your religious leader about your interest in meeting a life partner. Look into local hobby or activity groups, some volunteer opportunities, really anything with a group of people who gather together regularly. Remember, professional networking events can also be utilized. Try to steer clear of coworkers, it might get awkward if it doesn’t work out. Ask your friends to invite you next time they plan on getting together with their other group of friends. Look around if your town has a local matchmaker, a lot of them put together singles events. Most importantly, say yes to an opportunity to meet new people. If a friend invites you to a party or group activity, say yes. 

As you embark on your ageless connections, may these insights empower you to make the most of what technology has to offer in the realm of romance. Whether you’re stepping back into the dating scene, embracing new possibilities, or simply curious about the tailored offerings for the 40 and over community, remember that these features are crafted with you in mind. May your journey be filled with enriching experiences, genuine connections, and the discovery that love knows no age. 

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