Matchmaker’s Tips to help You get through social distancing.

Matchmaker’s Tips to help to get through social distancing.

With the COVID-19 outbreak and all the uncertainty and chaos that came with it, we have some tips prepared for common questions we received. Should we pause our dating? Should we pause our relationships? Do we just put love on pause? The answer is NO. Even though it is advised that everyone exercises social distancing, it does not advise to put lives on pause. There are still things you can do to kind of get ahead. While everything else is paused around you or chaotic (not sure what’s going on with stocking up on tp). I always like to find positive things in all that is negative going on around us. Let’s talk about Matchmaker’s Tips to help You get through social distancing.

Here are a few things you can do now.

Work on Yourself as You Social Distancing

If you ever wanted to learn to meditate, practice yoga, playing an instrument, knitting. Listen to some good soul music, find a new genre you like, now is the time. How about drawing or painting you wanted to try, here is your chance. Reflect, take ten to fifteen minutes a day and just reflect on happy moments in your life. It has been shown to improve overall feelings of happiness and contentment. Gat a date and/or relationship coach, a great time to work on your dating skills while stuck at home for a while. Practice self love and reconnect with yourself, nothing more attractive than a person who loves themselves. 

Keep Occupied 

Humans have a need to be busy and productive, but it does not have to be work or outside. Maybe you have a book that was waiting to come to life, all it needed was you to write it. Maybe there is a book or two that were waiting to be read, that is a very relaxing thing to do. Perhaps its time to do an early spring cleaning? Reorganize some closets or pantries, maybe even your home office. You will be surprised how relaxing and relieving that could be. 

Stay Connected During Social Distancing

Call your old friends you haven’t talked to in a while, catch up. Reach out to other people in your life, maybe some relatives you wanted to catch up to, but work was just too crazy. Check out your online dating profile, chat to some prospects, you never know. Join your local matchmaker’s Member Directory, the life will go back to normal and you will be ahead of all others. Schedule an online dinner party, invite a few friends to a video conference and have virtual dinner with them. 

Whatever your next adventure or task will be during this outbreak and social distancing, remember not to give in to fear and panic. “This too shall pass” Persian adage. 

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Happy Dating!

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